The Red Centre Experience a Geocaching Event in Alice Springs




Oz Mega Committee

 President Greg



Website - Paul

Secretary - Treasurer  Karen

Local Committee

Amanda / Gary  - 2Lost-Souls  

Darrin - redcenterdazza

Annie  - Griffs90

Charissa - envirogirl86

John Graphics - Knightech

Ian & Sue Team Pathfinder

Drone Footage


Committee details:

The Oz Mega Committee is:

  • President: Greg Shaw
  • Secretary-Treasurer -Website :Paul Wilson
  • Secretary-Treasurer :Karen Shaw

Australian Business Register: ABN 40012207828  For Paypal.

ABN Status : Registered.  Registration date : April 2011.

Type of entity: Incorporated Entity. Ind Code 99994.

Incorporation no :INC9895240. Not for Profit number .

Public Officer: Greg Shaw.

AAP-0000888218.  Tax File Number: 924584867.

The website Committee page lists some volunteers who are not on the official Oz Mega Committee.There are no paid employees on the Oz Mega Committee or Sub Committee volunteers.The main Committee of Greg, Paul and Karen are not elible for any prizes , raffles or competitions.

 The auditor for the event is :  Adams Kenneally White .Pty .Ltd. All audited accounts will be published here on the website  on completition of the event and audit proceedure,which will be up to 4 months after the completion.

What items are required from funds raised for the event ?  Funds are raised many ways to pay for much needed infrastructure including: Toilet facilities, powered site set ups, stall and marquee hire,outdoor seating and tables ,insurances,an outdoor and indoor cinema,signage,waste skip bin facilities, entertainment, water and electricity costs ,ground hire,wifi, security guards,advertising,audit fees,and much more.

The funds are raised from  : camping and powered site fees , stall hire,raffles , coin sales and Sponsors .

The budget is always intended to make the event a " break even " situation.But, getting it exact is a difficult outcome.

If the event ends up losing eg: $500 , the President , Greg Shaw, will personally pay the account.

If the event has a surplus on completion , eg $500 . The funds go to only 3 possible selections.

A/ Rolled over to Queanbeyan event at Easter , 2019  , if we decide to proceed. or /

B/ Donated to a designated charity for the Non-Profit Committee to finish with a zero balance.Or/

C/ Put towards smaller Geocaching events.

In April,2011, The Oz Mega Committee adopted the Model Constitution under the Incorporation Act , 2009.

The Red Centre Experience audit proceedures are now complete that covers from 1 st April 2016 to 12th May,2017.

The Oz Mega committee is proud to announce not only a safe and fun event for all attendees, but finiancially it was a success too. All accounts were paid and receipts audited by Adams Kenneally White chartered accountants and complete on August 14th.  All details are within the electronic version attached here in a PDF .

Since the audit, the account and Tax Invoice for the Audit and Preparation from Adams Kenneally White has been received. The account has now been paid of $1,430.00.


Greg Shaw, President ,Oz Mega Committee