The Red Centre Experience a Geocaching Event in Alice Springs


Information and Frequently asked Question's


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What is a large Event ?

Large M___ Events are (you guessed it) large-scale geocaching events that are usually held annually. Most large Events begin as regular Event Caches, and then once there is documented attendance of over 500 individual geocachers, large-status may be awarded by Geocaching HQ. A large-Event cache is an Event Cache that is attended by 500+ people. Large Events offer geocachers a day of planned activities, or in this case 5 days.  These large events attract geocachers from all over the world.
 For further information about geocaching see the guide .


Can I attend just 1 or 2 days of the event?

Yes. Any one or all of the days. Entry is free either way. If you are coming this far, start planning now and make a week long stay or more and enjoy what the Territory Geocaching has to offer.

Google link map to highlight Blatherskite Park in Alice Springs.

Can I purchase ice at the event site?

No -but there are many places such Woolies and other Supermarkets that  sell bags of ice ($3.50 - $4.00) .


Is EFTPOS available?

Yes. EFTPOS facilities will be available at some stallholders and the some food vendors to purchase goods or food. There is no ATM onsite.

Discount entry to the Telegraph Station for Geocachers .


Is there mobile phone reception?


Yes. Full Telstra 4G reception is available around the greater Alice Springs region highlighted on the map above in green shading .Blatherskite Park is the large darker green area on the above map,just below the word " Flynn" in the middle.

The Committee requests that mobile phones be turned off or put on silent, for the duration of the entertainment evenings  as a respect to the acts and other attendees. Also during any seminars or speeches.


Do I have to buy meals on site?

No. You are free to cook your own meals onsite with gas cooking only or purchase any meals at any time within the Alice Springs area. All meals purchased on site will be at family friendly prices and will also support the local businesses.



Do I have to attend the 4 entertainment nights or seminars ?

You are free to come and go at your own leisure. The 4 entertainment nights and seminars are well worth attending and included in your package for free.

We have scheduled the most significant entertainment nights from Friday onwards,as plenty of attendees wont  arrive till Good Friday. The most exciting entertainment evening will feature on Saturday night and Sunday night  for all arrivals to enjoy. There will be No seminars scheduled on the opening day ,to give all travelers a chance to be involved as alot will arrive late you can mingle with other geocachers and this gives all attendees a chance to attend all seminars.


All of the 4 nights will feature one of Australia's largest outdoor cinema screens with live action each night projected directly onto the big screen.The large screen will be adjacent to the stage and a camera will show live action whilst positioned in the grandstand. This will give great vision if you are seated in the back of the grandstand and close up encounters of the wildlife show and much more. A second indoor cinema screen will be ongoing for seminars daily within the main building.


Do I have to camp on-site?

No. You are free to book any form of accommodation in the Alice Springs area you wish, but it is a huge advantage to camp on-site and be amongst the atmosphere, fun and games and all the hundreds of photographs taken. Local accommodation can be found here at

Can I build my own log fire for cooking meals or keeping warm?

No. Only portable gas style fires are permitted.This is a Blatherskite Park trustee  ruling.


What transport is available to travel to the event ?

AIRPORT:Qantas and Virgin  Flights will be available on many of the airline booking services that  will get you too Alice Springs airport .Plenty of hire cars at the airport.Domestic and international flights can all be made simple on this easy to navigate website. Just start with your departure city, then place Alice Springs as your destination city, with  your travel dates and let the website give you the easy options. Websites below:




TRAINS:  Train services will be available from Darwin and Adelaide. This will be mainly via the famous Ghan train.


COACH SERVICES:   Bus and coach services operate regulary from all interstate cities.To calculate your start location with Alice Springs, just use this simple Greyhound Coach Services website for some easy options



How far is it to the nearest Shopping Mall, Restaurants and Petrol Stations?

Todd Mall is approximately 4 km's from the event site entrance. As too are the restaurants and all other popular shops. There are plenty of service stations, banks, flexitellers, and much more within 2 km's.

Blatherskite Park Google Map in relation to Alice Springs: Google map link



What if my kids or partner have their own account?

Please place a " Will Attend " for all teams attending as your first priority. Registration online is per account. Your "Will Attend " teams should be the same as your Registration entry teams. All team entries are free.

What you enter in the registration process will be exactly whats on your name tag.

Make sure all spelling, capitals and spaces are exact!

eg: If there is 5 in your family and 2 of the kids have their own GC accounts, it should look like this:

eg:  The Chasers 3    /   Wizzkid  : 1 /  Muppets  : 1   =   total 5.

Will there be Wi-Fi Available on the ground?

Free WIFI will be available for all attendees. It will set up in the following manner. It will be available in the stallholders area only,as it has limited range.

1/ One " set up area "  will be  only for ten people to be hooked up at any one time.This one will be for the indoor stallholders plus Committee all with a unique  PASSWORD.One device per person / per stall only.

2/ The second area adjacent for  "wi-fi set ups" will be available for registered teams.This will see 20 people only to be able to  set up at any one time .This batch will also have their own special password available at registration.Bring one of your own devices (mobile phone, laptop, notebook) per team only. You must be within 15 m of the set up area.Once finished, log out and respect other people might want to use the wi-fi. We also ask that you respect this is not a place to view you tube clips or download music videos and this practice will not be tolerated by the Committee.


What if I arrive at the camp site late at night?

There will only be one large entrance and exit gate, which are the event Co-ords. It will be guarded for the full official 5 day duration of the event, 24 hours a day. To gain access the first time, you will need to submit your team name verbally to be checked on a "registered attendees list " with security, as you enter the gates. After that, all attendees must wear their name tags and display their windscreen sticker constantly. Also display car flags. (example pictured below)If you arrive late for registration, but in time for the entertainment, you will be able to register the next morning, once the registration building opens at 8am.

If you are camping onsite, you will have to work out where the campsite areas are prior to arrival, or ask the security at the gate. Camping areas are very easy to find.

Example Team Flags below free for teams if you register online prior to Jan 31 st ,2017.



What is the weather like in Alice Springs in April and what should i bring ?


Alice Springs Climate
















Mean Max (°C)














Mean Min (°C)














Mean Rain (mm)














Median Rain (mm)














Mean Rain Days















April sees averages around 27°C (80F) which should be an ideal time to be in the Red Centre .

Campers are advised to bring plenty of warm bedding and clothing. Rain is highly unlikely , but you should be prepared for any eventuality. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and water-bottle for those warmer autumn days! Bug spray is recommended. A flyscreen hat is recommended if venturing to Uluru.Footwear is compulsory – make sure you bring comfortable shoes and a few spares.Long pants is highly recommended for Geocaching outside of Alice Springs .The natural vegetation is beautiful but also displays burrs, some thorns, and stinging plants. A portable camp chair is a "must have" item for viewing the entertainment ,socialising and some seminars. There will be plenty of seating if you cant bring one. This is an outdoor event so you may need to cater for all weather conditions. Cold, Hot, Wet, Dry. We have no control of the weather. Allow for the worst - hope for the best.


I have never attended a large Event before, What can I expect?

Many people do many things. You can cache continually, visit tourist attractions, socialize non stop or as most will do, combine everything on offer .The choice is purely your decision.

This you tube clip.... shows highlights of Wagga and Albury. 

Then onto the Red Centre Experience caching you ....

Will there be a fireworks display?

Yes. A full fireworks spectacular conducted by Southern Cross International and Team Crackers will occur on the final nights entertainment .This will all be choreographed to the final two songs.   


Is the event within school holidays?

School holidays info...


How do I secure a powered campsite?

You must book and pay for a powered site via the Registration process, together with the event Registration using your account name. Pricing on the Registration page is for the whole event with a powered and non powered sites available for camping on-site.There is no 1,2 or 3 days prices available. If you wish to stay extra nights before the event , it will work this way: The Committee will be there 6 days prior onsite. We will mark out with paint about 100 central powered site positions and ask all early arrivals to park and set up in these sections from Sunday 9th April. Whilst teams are set up in these 100, it gives the Committee freedom to paint mark the other 200 sites whilst no campers are in them.Nightly camp fees from Sunday 9th to Wed 12th will be paid direct to the Trustees in the secretary's office located nearby.Dogs will be allowed to camp with their owners on site.

Am I allowed to bring a friend, relative or muggle to the event for a holiday?

Yes, This is a great way to introduce Geocaching to them, and is highly recommended by Groundspeak and the Oz Mega Committee. There is no better time and place than  Alice springs  to bring the family and relatives for the holiday of a lifetime at affordable camping prices and family friendly onsite meal prices.They are entitled to all entertainment and everything within the event. When registering , you will need to include their name for a name tag as a security pass.They will be part of your team.A huge percentage of the sights in Alice Springs are free , so start your group planning now and  try to encourage a minimum 4 night stay on site and enjoy all Alice Spring's caches and popular attractions.


Where is the local sullage dump site?

There is a local sullage point very close to the park.Out the front gate and go left , go 100m , turn left into Commonage Road and travel approx' 300m. There is also a sullage point located within the ground. (Map)                              


Can i use the official Bilby logo to put on my clothing item, Geocoin,hat , pathtag or any other item i own?

Sorry, NO. Geostuff has the exclusive merchandise rights with  a contract and is the only one permissable outside the Committee that has permission. The Oz  Mega Committee has paid a large fee for the 2 year exclusive rights of the image from a USA company.


Will there be a Souvenir for the event ?

Yes. You can can possibly obtain a minimum of 2, if you have not been to the NT prior.

  1. The Event Souvenir after logging your "Attended".
  2. If you are  Geocaching for the first time ever in the NT , you will receive this Souvenir below. 
  3. Thursday 13 th is the w orld donerstag event as well.Groundpeak have approved any team who logs their 'Attended Log " for the main event on the Thursday a extra Donerstag souvenir.


Can I use the official banner (below), to advertise the event on one of my new GC cache pages ?

Under the new GC rules , you can't , sorry.