The Red Centre Experience a Geocaching Event in Alice Springs

OnSite Camping

Camping at Blatherskite Park.


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Camping without power:



  • Your site will be approximately 9m x 6 m for your tent and car.
  • The 4 night non powered site fee is $116 .This equates to only $29 per night for this unique facility.There is no 1, 2, or 3 day camping fee.You will receive a "Blue Camping " sticker ( sample pictured below,not actual image )at registration to stick around the front rope of your tent up high for inspections.
  • Strictly One family and car per site as per ground Trustees, who will conduct daily checks.
  • No advance reserve spots available. On arrival , please find a desirable location.If you have a friend arriving later the same day and would like  spots next to each other , just set up your tent site and park your car in the site next door.
  • As the soil is on the sandy side, we recommened you purchase slightly longer tent pegs than supplied with your tent.This will get you a deeper grip into the ground.




Powered Sites:

  • Plenty of powered sites will be available onsite.
  • Each site has access to 15amp power.
  • site is approximately 9m x 6m which includes a car spot .Only powered sites will be marked out in paint. If you have paid for camping only and in one of these, you are in the wrong one. Security checks of powered site red stickers (pictured below)will be ongoing.
  • The 4 night powered site fee is $156 . This equates to only $39 per night to stay amongst the action.There is no 1, 2, or 3 day powered site  fee.
  • Attendees will require a 20m power cord.
  • One family and car and possibly caravan or campervan per site as per ground trustees who will conduct daily checks.
  • There are no advance reserved spots. On arrival, please find a desirable location.If you have a friend arriving later the same day and would like spots next to each other, just set up your power to your van or tent and park your car in the site next door-simple.
  • If you have paid for a powered site, you will be given a " red powered site sticker " ( sample pictured below,not actual image )at the Registration check-in process to fold around your power cord near the plug . When security checks all the power boards, there should be "Paid Red Stickers" on each lead near the plug.
  • Generators are permitted but with limited hours. There are to be no generators on between 10 pm at night and  7 am the next morning for the courtesy of others.



The Committee will be onsite from Saturday 8th April. We will mark out 100 sites with paint in a central postion for all early arrivals to set up in. From Saturday 8th to Wednesday 12th you will be welcome to set up site in these positions. This will also be your spot during the event.Please pay your daily fee up to Wednesday night of around $30 to the trustees and secretary located on ground at the secretaries offices nearby.


Facilities (Grounds)

There is a Grand Stand that can seat 400 plus people. You can see this in the picture below about in the middle (NO 6). It faces the oval. Each night, entertainment will feature in front of the grandstand and boasts a beautiful view towards the East Mcdonnell Ranges. There will be a stage set up approximately 50m directly in front of the grandstand for the nighly entertainment. There is no camping on the oval. One of Australia's largest outdoor cinema screens will be adjacent to the stage and a live projection will feature on the 10m wide screen every night.

Our event will be using the Everingham building for registration and all stallholder activities. This building is over 100m in length and very close to the entertainment, toilet facilities and all camping areas.This is the long thin building marked with the number 7 (see picture).





Security (Fencing & Gates)

The entire area of the Blatherskite Park area is fenced with the only entry via the huge main double gate,pictured below.The complex is approximately 1 km in length and 500m wide. The main camping area is secure in its own right, with it and the rest of the event site inside the main security fencing that surrounds the entire area of Blatherskite Park. Security will be prominent on the main entry gate. 

Volunteers will monitor the gate from 8 AM Thursday till 6 pm each night and Alice Springs Security will guard the gate from 6PM nightly till 8 AM each morning.




No matter what time you arrive as your first time into the complex , security will need to check you off a registered check list .If you have not registered online prior to this event on the website , and you are not on the security list , entry will not be granted.

Departing Blatherskite Park

After you have officially registered onsite (at Registration Booths) ,you will receive 3 forms of ID , that you will need to take with you on departing .

  • Geocaching Team name tags to be pinned on your shirt for each person.
  • A round car window sticker attached to the top outside corner of the drivers side.
  • A team car flag attached to drivers side window. (pictured below)



Re-entry to Blatherskite Park

On approach to the main gates at Blatherskite Park, prior notice of an official attendee returning will be the prominent car flag and window sticker. Then , please come to a stop and show a minimum of one name tag. Confirmation of this proceedure will gain entry back into the premises.



Showground Site Rules for all Geocachers

  • A maximum of 10km per hour will apply to vehicles on site.
  • Any person riding a bike (powered or not) must wear a helmet at all times.
  • Remember Blatherskite Park is surrounded by properties and their privacy must be respected.
  • Your exact campsite area is to be left clean on departure. 50 rubbish bins and other bins are available for rubbish disposal.
  • Town water is available at taps evenly spaced around the complex. This is suitable for drinking and highlighted on your map.
  • No log style campfires will be allowed to be lit at the site. Blatherskite Park trustee ruling.(but gas fires for cooking are allowed, and must be attended at all times)
  • Persons consuming alcohol will be required to behave responsibly.                                                                  
  • Name tags to be displayed at all times for security.When entering the event site, all attendees must display their car windscreen access sticker at all times to pass through security, plus logo car flag and have a name tag ready.
  • The sales of goods and services other than from stallholders is prohibited on the event site without expressed permission of the Oz Mega Committee.
  • Lights in and around the toilet / shower blocks will remain on constantly.At least one torch is recommended for night time walks to the showers / toilets.



  • The Committee strongly urges that pets be kept home ,or to be organised to be taken care of.A large event in Central Australia is not for pets ! If its a must, pets must be kept under control at all times, and pets to remain on leads, and not left unattended. Pets are also prohibited in most National Parks in the NT.
  • Pets are prohibited in buildings and areas where food is consumed as well as entertainment and stage region.
  • The showground  is surrounded by roads and houses and under no circumstances are pets allowed onto these properties or places.
  • It's the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their pets.  
  • Pets will be allowed to camp on site with their owners.




  • A noise curfew will be in effect from 10:30pm nightly through to 8am, this includes generators and excessive noise.
  • Remember families are trying to sleep and the complex is surrounded by houses.



  • Porta potties and cassette toilets are not to be emptied into the main toilets. There is a  sullage dump point for caravans and campervans on Commerage road just outside the complex.There is also a sullage point within the grounds.
  • Toilets will be available 24 hours a day.
  • Hot showers will be available 24 hours a day.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.




  •  Whilst caching in the greater Alice Springs areas, please respect all the geocaching rules as you would normally. The highest emphasis is placed on this point, due to the enormous number of geocachers expected.
  •  Please respect local cache log books, and use brief signatures as over the 4 days they will get a lot of entries. On micro and nano caches please use your "Team Intitials only ". Cache owners will understand and appreciate this during a large event. eg:  Team COUGAR  13/4/17 =  TC 13/4
  •  Please respect local cache hides and replace exactly as you  found it.If you are the last team to sign the last spot on a sheet , please try to assist the local owner and place a basic new piece of paper in the cache for the next finder. The owner wont have time to duck out ,as they will be volunteering at the event, but will appreciate your assistance. Thank you.



Whilst we want all geocachers to have fun and enjoy themselves, please respect all the rules for the enjoyment of others.

Any further questions or concerns ,please contact us