The Red Centre Experience a Geocaching Event in Alice Springs

Stall holders


A triple corinthian booth will welcome all travellers to officially register for the event. Sit down in comfort and fill in the required form to officially inform the Committee you are at the event, record exact team members present and contact details,in case of an emergency.

You will pick up your name tags , car window security pass, logo car flag, and powered site sticker if booked. Also your registration bag,  printed itinerary and Blatherskite Park map, Tourism packs and raffle tickets will also be available.





by iamapom-Carl and Debbie .

The Geostuff  stall will feature on all displayed opening hours and eftpos will be available.All your geocaching requirements plus the full range of exclusive event merchandise including  event shirts.Geostuff will be the exclusive Geocaching gear stockist - stallholder on site.



Tourism Central Australia

Tourism Central Australia will have friendly local staff on hand for all your tourism questions. Tickets purchases on almost anything including tours plus bookings will be available on unlimited mileage on car hire, accommodation, tours plus a range of maps and brochures will be on hand. NOT OPEN GOOD FRIDAY





Geocoins /Trackables /Pathtags

Two walk in booths will feature to display all geocoins, Trackables and Pathtags.

Plenty of seating and tables will be on offer.

For each trackable logged into the event and dropped off, you will receive one free tickets into a prize draw only eligible

trackable drop offs.



Garmin Australia will have their own staff from the Eastern states on hand to showcase the latest in your Geocaching navigation requirements

They will also conduct a seminar on GPS equipement and navigating your way through all the functions.

Garmin is the exclusive navigation equipment company and stallholder onsite.








Aussie Pathtag Club

We are proudly Australia's first and original pathtag club, established in 2010.
Our club produces a uniquely Australian pathtag each month which is chosen via a members voting system, produced and distributed to all subscribers globally.

Some of our past pathtags are still available for sale. The Aussie Pathtag Club is the exclusive pathtag group and stallholder onsite.

The 5 tag set are available for anyone at $20 per set. 
There is a little presentation folder printed so they will make a great gift too.All sets will come in this folder.
People need to fill in the form on the link below to secure their sets.        
The only official pathtags are available now  on this link       



Geocaching Stallholders (above)  


THUR : 8am-8pm

FRI  :    8am-1pm BREAK 5pm-8pm

SAT :    8am-1pm BREAK 5pm-8pm

Sun :    8am-1pm BREAK 5pm-8pm




open from 8am - 9pm daily


IGA Supermarket


 The local IGA store will set up a mini supermarket onsite from Thursday opening till lunch Easter Monday .

Items available to attendees will be :

Fresh Bread, some single serve cakes.

A small assortment of confectionary, and snacks such as chips and muesli bars.

Dairy goods such as milk, white and flavoured, some sliced meats, butter and marg, cheese, yoghurts, fruit juice, bacon, eggs.

Grocery, tomato and barbecue sauce, instant meals, noodles, choc biscuits, plain biscuits, dry biscuits, cooking oil, baked beans and spaghetti, tuna, foil and cling wrap.

Toiletries, toothpaste, soap and or bodywash, shampoo and conditioner, pain killers, eye drops (gets dusty here at that time of year )tissues, toilet paper.


Ice creams.

Hot chooks, hot pies.

Soft drinks, bottled water.

A small selection of meats, chops, mince, steak, chicken wings, drumsticks.


Alcohol, a small selection of beers, a small selection of wines, small selection of spirits ie one type of scotch, bourbon, rum, vodka, gin, more will be available on request we will just bring it out from one of the stores if someone requests something specific. This of course will rely on approval of a temporary licence which I have started working on today.


If I can source a freezer I will have a small selection of frozen goods as well


If there is something in particular you would like or anything you would add to the above list, please let me know.


We appreciate the huge effort by IGA and attendees are encouraged to support the local onsite business. 



Coffee Vendor Vans


The Hall of Fame Catering

The catering team will be onsite for the 5 day duration.

Hot choices of breakfasts will be available. A lunch menu will offer great variety. Dinner will feature

sit down meal options available to the whole family. A full menu and prices will be available in the future.